Multi Station Gym

best CBSE education in Rajasthan Multi Station Gym

‘A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.’ Acknowledging this fact a multi station gym has been established at the wisdom city campus where facilities for different physical exercises are available. Both day scholars and boarders can use the gym any time of the day under strict supervision of specialist physical trainers and instructors.

Outdoor Gym

best CBSE education in India Outdoor Gym

New Outdoor Gym at Wisdom City Campus is a fantastic addition to the physical education curriculum of school. The equipment offers the children a detailed workout using different movement, complimenting their learning greatly. The gym is scheduled for every break-time, activity periods. It is also integrated into Physical Education Lessons. The management found the Outdoor Gym as a perfect solution for well-being of young students with their physical fitness. The Out Door Gym at Wisdom City contains hi-class Leg Twister Machine, Horse Rider Machine, Leg Press Machine, Chest Press Machine, Surf Board, Fitness Cycle, Shoulder Builder, Air Walker etc. which certainly help the students to develop their physique.

Cricket Academy affiliated to Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA)

best CBSE education in Rajasthan Cricket Academy affiliated to Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA)

Jhunjhunu Academy has a fully functional Cricket Academy affiliated to Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA), Jaipur. It has 4 practice nets including turf wickets, mat wicket and beginners wicket. RCA Certified Coaches (Ex. Ranji Players) impart training to the future cricketers scientifically. Hurdle beacons, Bowling machines, Cons, Hanging Balls etc. adds and extra edge to the practice. Practice Matches are regularly organized in order to give a real match practice. The academy is committed to produce world class cricketers. Exposure to talented cricketers is given by inter-school cricket competitions, summer camp trials and touring different schools and academies.

FIT INDIA SCHOOL : Excellent Sports Facilities @ Multi Sports Complex

best CBSE education in Rajasthan FIT INDIA SCHOOL : Excellent Sports Facilities @ Multi Sports Complex

Jhunjhunu Academy has a tie-up with an International Sports Curriculum Company who are experts in an age appropriate, structured class room curriculum for fitness of the students and sports. Multiple Coaches, experts in their own fields stay on campus all through the year for day scholar students as well as hostel students. The school has tons of sports equipments which are readily available for students. Multi-Sports Complex at Wisdom City has Full Size Football Field, Full Size Cricket Ground with cemented pitch, 4-Pitch RCA affiliated Cricket Academy, 400 mtrs. Athletic Track, 2 Indoor badminton courts, Kho-Kho Field, 2 Indoor Half Basketball Courts, 1 Outdoor full size Basket Ball Court, 2 Volleyball Courts, day & night match capable, Open Air Gym, Jungle Gym for the young athletes, Multi Station Indoor Gym and acres of green fields and open ground to run and fly.

D.M. Modi Sabhagrah : A Lab for Personality Development

top 10 boarding schools in Rajasthan D.M. Modi Sabhagrah  : A Lab for Personality Development

Draupati Devi Mathura Prasad Modi Sabha Grah : Built in 17500 sq.ft. area D M Modi Sabha Grah is constructed in the fond memory of the late parents of Dr Dilip Modi –Lt. Smt. Draupti Devi and Shri Mathura Prasad Modi. The Sabha Grah was inaugurated on 29th December, 2018 by Shri Brijendra Ji Ola, M.L.A., Jhunjhunu. It is equipped with High-Decibel Sound System of 16+ Speakers, Woofers and Monitors which produces high quality surround sound. A huge permanent stage of 1728 sq.ft. area is equipped with the areal act equipments and complete lighting system. The All Weather Auditorium can be used for a number of cultural and sports activities, dances, music, yoga, meditation, elocution, debate, morning assembly, karaoke singing and indoor games like badminton, basketball etc. It is truly a laboratory for complete personality development. In House projectors LED Wall screens enable Sabha Grah to be used as a Movie Theater or Seminar Hall also. The Sabha Grah has witnessed many grand events like Opening and Closing Ceremony of Mini Marathon, Inspire Awards 2019, SaaRang etc. and hosted the world class event where it accommodated more than 5000 people at a time.

Navrang Kala Mandapam

best CBSE education in Rajasthan Navrang Kala Mandapam

The State-of-the-Art Performance Theatre: A one of its kind completely air conditioned, technology rich Performing Arts Center cum Movie Theatre. It houses an advanced dance studio, documentary library, with dolby digital sound and ultra HD Screen, Seminar Hall and performing art center.

Art Studio

best CBSE education in India Art Studio

There is no bound to creativity. Jhunjhunu Academy provides a wide spectrum of art forms for students to explore under consistent guidance of professional artists who facilitate learning by doing. Students are exposed to origami, paper mache, clay modeling, drawing, painting, sketching, collage making, statue making, patch work, thread painting, modern art, model designing, thermacol art and a number of other forms of art. This stimulates the innate creativity of the child and makes learning fun.

Jhunjhunu Academy has a team of highly qualified, experienced and self-motivated educators. This team of teaching experts comes from different parts of the country and is committed to create an inspiring academic environment in the campus. The faculty members keep sharpening their professional skills by regularly attending seminars and workshops organized by CBSE, IIMs and other education research organizations. The regular in-house training cum workshop named Personal Proficiency Program (P-3) is a real skill enhancer.Readmore