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  • Find Your True Calling and Purpose

    Murari Jangir  12/06/2012

    We are all a part of this world just like everyone
    else and so you truly are meant for greatness, whether you can really
    get a feeling of that or not.

    But how can a plumber or an
    international speaker or a dentist or a doctor or even a sales person be
    meant for greatness and what does that actually mean? Greatness means
    fulfilling the role you were created for.

    This is why at times
    you may feel down in your life when you are doing something that you
    feel is not you or something that you think you need to, should, ought
    to, better do or just flat out have to do or else! The most common
    example is working for a company that you don't really want to work for.
    In other words, you are just doing so because there are few if any
    alternatives and this is the best of the worst.

    This is also why
    when you are feeling really great, you can be sure that the role that
    you are playing is one you were meant to fulfill. Fulfilling our role in
    life is similar to how an actor would fill an acting role. When actors
    learn a role, they immerse themselves in it. They explore how that
    character would act and react in a variety of circumstances and in
    different situations. They explore their characters deeply and are
    committed to that exploration.

    So how can you find out what your
    role is here? What are you meant to do and how can you fit into this
    world? And just as important, how can You truly find fulfillment?

    The way you can get to know your true role is by asking these four questions:

    1. What inspires you?

    2. What are you passionate about personally?

    3. What do you love doing more than anything else?

    4. What are you good at?

    Take some time right now, to write down your answers! Don't just read these questions and move on.

    an important key to remember is that although we are all here to
    fulfill a role, be conscious and aware that it is a just a role that you
    are playing and fulfilling. You are much more than just that role. You
    are much more than your physical body, your emotions, your intellect,
    your creativity, your relationships, your soul and even more than all of
    these put together!

    Many people tend to lose themselves in the
    role. They get caught in the role and forget that there is much more to
    them than the role itself. Eventually, if this happens, an individual
    can end up feeling unhappy, unsure about ourselves, lost, and more often
    than not confused about his/her direction. This is common with many
    actors who enter the profession of acting, that they were once inspired
    by. As they get caught in the glamour and glitz of it all they forget
    about and lose the passion that led them there in the first place.

    Are you truly proud of your gifts, of those qualities that you have that help you to stand out?

    I hope so... because those qualities are going to help you fulfill the role that you are meant for...

    are your qualities of greatness! Rejoice in those qualities. They are
    gifts from the Universe so don't be shy about them. And they are not
    just gifts from God and the universe for YOU and YOU alone, they are
    gifts given to you so that you could share them with the world.

    yourself to fully express who you ARE! For you are eternal and an
    important part of the unfolding of everyone else's life.

    "Inspiration is the expression your soul makes when you are sharing your gifts with the world."
    -Joshua Zuchter

    now is the time to get to know your role, which may mean going on a
    vision quest, meditating, journaling, so that you can discover who you
    really are and what you are here for. Pay attention to and be conscious
    of those things that light you up. Consider how you can take steps, one
    at a time to utilize your gifts and life skills, share them with the
    world, and at the same time build a career.

    Please keep in mind this important point...

    Your true calling is not something that takes great effort, for it is already a part of who You ARE.

    like actors who get to know their characters, project their thoughts,
    create their lives... so too can you do the same. Recently I was working
    with a woman who was unsure about her direction in life. She was and is
    currently (temporarily!) in a sales position. I asked her, what really
    ignites her? What inspires her? What does she love to do above all other

    Her answer, was... Singing.

    As she started to
    talk about her experience when she sings, the hairs on my arms stood on
    end and in that moment, it was as if the whole world lit up for me... I
    saw it all in a flash... Her entire structure, physically (she is
    gorgeous), mentally (she is sharp and has great street smarts),
    creatively (she has a quick wit and thinks outside the box), and her
    attitude is just perfect to become a pop singer... there are many other
    qualities she possesses that I could go on about here.

    It is as if, her entire genetic makeup was created for the soul purpose of singing.

    as we talked about this for a few moments, she began to share her
    insights and passions about singing, something she had not considered
    before as her soul path or life's path (career if you wish). Within a
    few minutes, we both realized, it is the main role she is meant to play.
    And just thinking about it, makes her feel incredible. Since then, she
    has taken a few singing lessons, sang for her friends, and is in the
    process of getting this going.

    And she knows that she is much
    more than just fulfilling a role, that there is more to her and her
    existence than that. But at the same time, it is clear to her that this
    is her path.

    And this is where synchronicity comes in...
    everything is lining up for her. She has in a very short amount of time
    connected with musicians, teachers, and people who will help to make
    this dream a reality. When we are fulfilling our role... all things
    (people, material wealth, emotional support, physical health and well
    being) become aligned and as a result we experience pure FLOW.