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  • Neha Khandelia ! C.A. by Profession - Artist by Passion
    Neha Khandelia Class of 2012-13 Commerce

    Professional Achievements : Chartered Accountant


      Deepak sekhar  01/18/2011

      What I LEARN FROM MY SCHOOL is all about Wat all things i have learned from my past school JHUNJHUNU ACADEMY CBSE...
      As i was elected as an Sports captain i got to know the responsibility of a leader from that only i have got the leadership quality.I cant say i m good in that but still i can say i have that quality in me..
      Rite now i m working in a event management company as an event executor..I got this job only from my past experiences which i got from my school (JHUNJHUNU ACADEMY CBSE)
      as i have worked for the event SARANG 2009.I would like to thanx ARVIND SHARMA SIR and Ashutosh Modi sir for helping me n give me a chance to work with them in that event because from that only i got to know that i can do event management.... I Miss my school life..
      I wish i can go back to those days!!!

      Miss u JHUNJHUNU ACADEMY.......:-(