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    • Seven Tips for Stress-Free Studying for Final Exams

      umesh kumar  02/07/2011

      1.Get Some Exercise

      During the frequent breaks you should be taking between study sessions, try getting some exercise. Going for a short jog or playing tennis or even just playing with a Frisbee for a bit can be a great stress reliever, as exercise causes your body to produce endorphins. You don't want to exercise to the point of exhaustion, but a bit of light exercise can be refreshing.

      2. Do Something Fun

      A lot of people try to "buckle down" during Final Exams and focus entirely on academics, but doing so is a good way to burn yourself out. Instead, try to do something fun, either alone or (preferably) with friends, such as go to a movie, read a (nonacademic) book, play board games, etc. Just don't get too sucked into these fun activities, or might forget to study.

      3. make A Schedule

      Write yourself a schedule noting the times and dates of each of your finals. Then schedule study times for each Final. Schedule in a few fun times as well, then try to stick to your schedule. Put it in a visible place. Having a schedule will let you keep track of how much time you have at your disposal and how best to use that time.

      4. Eliminate Distraction

      It's very easy to get distracted during Final Exams, so do everything you can to avoid distractions while studying. Turn off televisions and computers and try to eliminate other forms of visual stimuli. Decide if you study best in complete silence or if you study better with background noise. Consider moving your study location to someplace that is not your bedroom.Study With Friends

      You aren't the only person dealing with Finals. Try to get together with friends and classmates to study. Stress is easier to deal with when you know other people are going through it too. Just make sure the group stays on-task, or everyone will just be wasting time.

      5. Get Plenty of Rest

      Your body deals with stress better when it is well-rested. While it's tempting to stay up very late to study before a big test, you'll do better if you go to bed in a manner that gives you the full seven to eight hours your body needs for rest.

      Eat Healthy
      Final exams often coincide with eating lots of junk food, but try to stay away from the junk and eat healthier foods instead. Instead of potato chips for a snack, try things like apple slices. Drink water instead of sodas. You'll have more energy and generally just feel better.

      6. Be Careful With Caffeine

      While caffeine can be a great way to give yourself a quick boost of energy, it can be a double-edged sword once the crash hits. Avoid energy drinks and the like, as the crash that comes along with them can often cause you to lose more time than the energy boost lets you make up.

      Just Breathe
      Final exams can be stressful, but they aren't the end of the world. Chances are, you'll do better on the final than you think you will. Anytime you feel yourself stressing out, just stop what you're doing, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, refocus, and get back to it.

      ALL THE BEST........