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    • Importance of Video Marketing

      Murari Jangir  02/17/2011

      Marketing is one of the crucial aspects of business operations for a company or a brand. Television, radio and print media have always been famous platforms for the propagation and marketing of products and services for brand owners. In this present era, the ways of marketing and publicity have taken a sharp turn towards a better direction. Video marketing has always been an integral part of the methods of marketing from the time television has been a medium of propagation or entertainment. But, producing and presenting a T.V commercial is expensive. It also becomes quite difficult for small and medium sized businessmen to incur huge expenses on video marketing.

      Even though this method is quite expensive, it is utilized by almost all brands. Videos give a better direction to marketing strategies. Propagating through short films or documentaries is generally favored by companies when they prefer appealing directly to a large group of consumers. The internet has billions of browsers worldwide. Consumers tend to get attracted towards well ornamented blogs. Videos, graphical presentations and pictures are essential parts of a complete blog or a website. Some advantages of marketing through videos have been presented below. These points will also help people understand the dominance of this method of marketing.

      ü Easily catchable – Videos are very catchy and leave an impression on the viewers mind for a pretty long time. They are entertaining and are generally not monotonous as reading information from a newspaper or a website is. Comparatively less effort is put in by the viewers while watching and understanding a video because information is presented in an interesting manner.

      ü A symbol of trust – Viewers tend to trust the information showcased in the videos because they think that there is a lot of effort put in to create video advertisements for marketing. In short, videos appeal the audiences in a better way than simple texts do.

      ü Search Engine Optimization – It is a relevant fact that search engines prefer blogs or websites that have videos studded in them. So, you can be the judge now, emphasizing on the presence of videos in your websites for propagating your products and services can make your brand scale new heights.