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  • Neha Khandelia ! C.A. by Profession - Artist by Passion
    Neha Khandelia Class of 2012-13 Commerce

    Professional Achievements : Chartered Accountant

    • Enterpreneurship....

      vijendra singh  04/04/2011

      Who is the good enterpreneur or what are the attributes of good enterpreneur??????...................
      -Undertakes of innovations ,finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods
      -Leadership attributes
      -strong team building abilities
      -management skills/abilities
      -perceiver of opportunities available/spots the opportunities at right time
      -possess innate traits such as extroversion and a propensity for risk-taking
      -highly creative individuals who imagine new solutions for existing problems by generating opportunities for profit or reward
      -good recognition ability to select group of dedicated and well knowledged people
      -executer of all ideas which are in mind or implementation of ideas by group of people as he wants
      -good learning abilities

      Types of enterpreneur
      –social,serial and life style enerpreneur

      mantras/qualities for success as an enterpreneur-

       satisfaction of customer
       starts doing thing today
       believe in yourself for go ahead and do that
       success depends upon howmuch you believe in your efforts or operations
       good vision –foresightedness
       success depend upon that you must be down to earth and come with people
       considers every obstacles or difficulties as opportunities to grow
       great entrepreneur is the one who is the best to his costumer
       dedication ,honesty ,transparency are the mantras of success .
       the bigger problem is solve more successful you are.
       Success build success because it gives you more courage and wisdom to next step
       Work hard ,innovate and don’t get stagnant
       In the back of every great success there must be a failure
       Success doesn’t come to you ,,,,you have to go to it ….